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Equipment Leasing

Equipment leasing can be used to purchase new or used equipment for a business. It can also be used to generate working capital through a sales leaseback of eqiupment already owned by a company. It is avaialbel to companies across the credit spectrum.

Lenders will generally lend 70% of the rapid liquidation value of the equipment which is usually substantially below retail value. For companies with less than perfect credit, additional collateral will be required. In teh case of a borrower with very poor credit, up to 2.5% times the amount of the lease may be required as additional collateral.

Any company that uses a significant amount of equipment in conducting business will find leasing beneficial. It is especially useful for the construction, manufacturing, medical and trucking industries. The effective interest rates vary wildly based on teh credit of the lessee. Strong credit uality with good collateral value will be in the high single digits, while the toughest credit can expect rates as high as 25% to 30%. Again, similar to the unsecured bridge loan, it is important to remember that even high priced financing oftern is what is needed to propel a company into greater profitability. Greater profitability leads to less expensive capital in the future.

Leasing is a complicated subject. If you intend to focus on this product, we suggest reviewing our leasing guide, available through the Client Login.

Leasing Programs:

Vendor financing available;

Offer an in-house lease/finance private label program;

The equipment is is the only collateral pledged, not personal assets;

Off balance sheet lease payments do not jeopardize customer's compliance on existing lines.

Start-up Programs available.


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